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Another year, another graduation season. This week, the school held Kindergarten and Grade 5 graduation ceremonies at our beautiful Rainbow Bridge Theater, an important milestone in the lives of our beloved children. Our teachers and students finally met after these long months of E-learning.

The ceremonies have been particularly emotional for both parents and teachers. Tears have been shed as our students were walking on the stage to get their diplomas, marking an important milestone in their timeline, a milestone that symbolizes growth, change, and new beginnings.

Teachers of K made a heart-warming “Yearbook videos” with the most memorable moments of the AY ‘21-’22. A video containing wishes and congratulations from parents was also displayed to surprise our students. The ceremony has been extremely moving, and many of us could not help but cry seeing the big smiles on the faces of these wonderful kids wearing their gowns and caps. At the end of the ceremony, children sang a special graduation song for our parents and teachers.


The G5 graduation ceremony has been momentous, full of pride and joy. Although no previous rehearsals were held, our students and teachers were still able to amaze us with wonderful live performances. A collection of best wishes and congratulations from the G5 parents was also displayed on the screen. The last act of the ceremony comprised the famous song “See You Again”, beautifully sung by the students.


Both Kindergarten and G5 graduating class of 2022 have gone through a lot in the past times, and their love, passion for learning and dedication has impressed our educators and parents. Seeing our parents, students, and teacher finally together after such a long time makes us feeling so happy and lucky.

As our students graduate and embark on a new adventure and we celebrate their accomplishments, we also want
to thank our parents, educators, school staff and leadership for making these ceremonies happen.

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