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HQIS Students have a set of learner traits that guide students to become internationally minded, global thinkers who are prepared to contribute positively to our world.

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In our Upper School, we offer a holistic program based on American curriculum standards.
Our program has a focus on inquiry-based instruction, which aims to connect student learning to real-world, global, and multicultural issues related to the different disciplines. Our experienced team of teachers will guide our students through the pathway to their future providing personalized learning opportunities and guidance.   

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Grade 6 Sample Block Schedule




Comprehensive AP Curriculum

HQIS offers 14 AP Courses for High School students. AP subjects are college-level courses that require rigorous preparation, and that allow students to get ready for university beforehand by taking college-level tests. Students who choose AP courses have the opportunity to build and strengthen academic skills, such as critical thinking and analysis, that are essential in university. In addition, students will be able to earn credits that can be crucial when they will face college admission, and that will allow them to move into to upper-level college courses sooner. HQIS is also an official AP Test Center, and students can take AP exams at our school. HQIS is also an official AP Test Center, and students can take AP exams at our school.


In order to provide outstanding students with more opportunities to be admitted to top universities, the school will integrate AP Capstone Diploma. We are one of approximately 2,000 schools worldwide offering the AP Capstone Diploma program.


HQIS is a GOA Member

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Besides, HQIS is now a proud member of Global Online Academy - GOA, a consortium of over 125 high-performing independent schools, representing 30 countries and over 30 states.


HQIS grants eligible and participating students credit for their involvement in GOA courses. Elective credits are awarded for summer courses, while semester and yearlong courses during the school year contribute either towards graduation requirements or elective credits, depending on the chosen course.




Small Class Size


HQIS offers an immersive and truly holistic curriculum. Our small class size is the result of a student-centered philosophy for authentic personalized education. Our students are now able to learn through Project-based Learning (PBL), which allows our students to learn through rigorous exploration and analysis, exploring their own areas of interest and passions.

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 Innovative Project-based Learning

Project-Based Learning focuses on developing students' ability to think critically and creatively while collaborating on solving real-world problems across subject areas. Students participate in mixed groups from all grades in order to develop and respond to a Driving Question. As students work towards developing their response, they acquire relevant knowledge and skills, learn about project management and execution, critique and revise their work, present it to an authentic audience, and reflect on what they have learned.

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College Counseling

 Prepare Students For Their Dream College


Our hope is that each student can get admitted to the college they want to go to, and we actively guide them through this delicate phase of their lives. Our top-level College Counseling department has a team of highly qualified teachers and educators from prestigious universities. Their extensive experience with admission processes will help and support our senior students during the pivotal stage of the college application.



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