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Shanghai Hong Qiao International School is a proud member of Global Online Academy - GOA. The GOA’s online course catalog offers our students a way to pursue their passions and learn with peers from around the globe.

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Global Online Academy at HQIS

Shanghai Hong Qiao International School is a proud member of Global Online Academy - GOA, a consortium of over 125 high-performing independent schools, representing 30 countries and over 30 states.

Established in 2011, the Global Online Academy (GOA) provides a wide range of rigorous, credit-bearing courses to students attending member schools worldwide. GOA courses encompass both synchronous components, where students collaborate and engage with their teacher at scheduled times using video conferencing software, as well as asynchronous components, allowing students the flexibility to participate at their convenience. At HQIS, students are empowered to explore and pursue their passions by delving into relevant, real-world topics not readily available on the HQIS campus.


By enrolling in GOA courses, HQIS students gain access to a global and collaborative online classroom, where they study alongside peers from diverse backgrounds and with varied experiences. These courses are meticulously designed, developed, and taught by teachers hailing from member schools. In terms of workload and time commitment, GOA courses are equivalent to honors or AP courses.

HQIS grants eligible and participating students credit for their involvement in GOA courses. Elective credits are awarded for summer courses, while semester and yearlong courses during the school year contribute either towards graduation requirements or elective credits, depending on the chosen course.

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