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At HQIS, our mission is to make sure that our students are given leadership skills so that they can leave a positive mark in the global community. The members of the HQIS Student Union have been growing constantly, learning what true leadership is by cooperating with their peers and teachers. In this Student Column, the students from the Social Media Committee had an exclusive interview with the members of the Student Union to let everyone know what the Student Union is and what’s its role at HQIS.


The following content has been provided by the Social Media Committee.


The HQIS student council represents our student’s voice by collecting opinions and ideas on issues that need more attention and work on them to benefit the school and students.


Here are the members HQIS学生会成员:


Amelia- President

Lucy-------Vice President





Hana is the secretary; her job is to record the meeting notes. William is the publicist and he is responsible for communications. Chelsea is the treasurer, and her job is to manage money. Lucy is the vice president; her job is to listen to student opinions and help Amelia. Amelia is the president; her job is to manage everything.


For long-term goals, the student council would like to improve our study environment.

short-term goals, the student council is focusing on the solution for the vending machine. They are also preparing for our school field trip this semester. We are very excited about the first academic trip. The Student Union invites the Upper School students to write to Mr. Owl their suggestions, ideas, and possible destinations.



On September 6th, the Student Union of HQIS High School made a summary of their positions and their goals for this semester. At the same time, the high student Union proposed a very new and practical idea, that is, the communication channel between the school and students -- Mr. Owl suggestion box.

This suggestion box is a tool that HQIS has never appeared before. It is also the first change made by the student Union for the school, which is of great significance for the beginning of this student Union and also a demonstration of the ability of this student union.


Meanwhile, HQIS media also interviewed this student union and asked some questions about the relationship and expectations of students, which will be displayed and summarized in the following reports.


Why do schools and students need suggestion boxes?

Lucyvice president of the Student UnionAs an organization serving the school and students, we need to actively obtain students' opinions and suggestions, which will make a positive impact on us to change the school and serve the school.


Where is the suggestion box located in the school?

Lucy: As for the position of the suggestion box for Mr. Owl, when we walked to the second floor, we found a step to go up. When we walked up and entered the school library, we could see our suggestion box.


Are there any requirements on the format and standard of opinion letters? Do I need to identify myself by name or remain anonymous?

No, what we need to know is the opinions of students and their urgent needs, so it is enough to write out your own opinions without any requirement for real names.


Who will handle the letters? Will these letters really make a difference?

All members of the Student Union will deal with these letters. Every member of the Student Union has the obligation to deal with these letters. We will also improve our school according to the opinions of these letters. Suggestions for improvement will be dealt with first, in order of importance, and then these issues will be summarized and addressed centrally.


Are there any ongoing issues? 

Lucy: At present, we are dealing with the problem of the long queue and slow efficiency of the vending machine in the school, which is a very vexing problem for the students. Now we are actively dealing with this issue, and strive to improve the efficiency of the students to buy things as soon as possible.



Why is it called Mr. Owl suggestion box?

Lucy: The owl is the mascot of HQIS, and the mascot itself is very cute, and its big eyes can also play a supervisory role. We chose this name to bring a better meaning and expectation to our suggestion box.


The above is our interview with the suggestion box of the Student Union. We also hope that the student Union can do the work that meets everyone's expectations and make better changes to the school in the future.

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