Learner Profile

Central to the PYP curriculum is the Learner Profile, a set of value-laden attributes upon which international-mindedness develops and grows. Students strive to be:



Developing their natural curiosity and a love of learning.




Exploring concepts, ideas and issues in their home, school,
local and global community.




Exercising critical and creative thinking skills in solving problems.




Understanding and expressing thoughts and ideas through
many modes of communication and collaborating with others.




Taking responsibility for their actions and acting with
integrity and honesty with a strong sense of fairness and
justice and respect for others.




Understanding and appreciating personal histories
and cultures and being open to new perspectives,
values and traditions of others.




Showing empathy, compassion and respect towards
the needs and feelings of others.  Making a personal
commitment to service and taking action to make
positive difference in the lives of others and the planet.




Approaching unfamiliar situations and uncertainty
with courage, being  independent to explore
new roles and ideas while being brave and defending
their beliefs.




Understanding the importance intellectual, physical
and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being
for themselves and others.




Giving thoughtful consideration to their personal
learning style and experience. Taking a close look
at their own strengths and limitations and understanding
how they learn best.