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2nd Update: Important Notice:Stay Safe Against Coronavirus

Dear HQIS Community,


Thank you for your understanding at such a time of uncertainty and evolving situation. We have received your feedback and fully understand the anxiety and concerns you have. Do rest assured that the school management is watching the situation very closely and will always place the safety of every member of the school – student or adult, as top priority in all our decision. Our school logistics and operations teams are also working hard to ensure that the school premises and facilities are disinfected, clean and ready for use when school resumes to welcome our students and all staff to a safe and healthy learning and working environment.


The Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (SMEC) and the China Centre of Disease Control (CDC) have advised that a 14-day self-quarantine should take place prior to the start of school. A self-quarantine record needs to be kept and this must take the form of temperature checking. Attached for your convenience is a form for you to use so your temperature records for each member of your family is in one place. Temperature checking should begin on Monday 3rd February for all faculty members and families, regardless of your location during the 14-day period. Further instructions can be found on the attached form

Our advice to all parents is to print the attached form and keep an accurate record from Monday 3rd February. Further information about how this form will be collected will be communicated to parents before the start of school. Please also be mentally prepared of the possibility that the school re-opening date is subject to further changes by the relevant authorities.


In order to keep up with the learning, students will get online study support. The school leadership is working on plans so students will continue to learn and grow at home. More detail will be released shortly.

At such a time of crisis, we should all stand tall and together as a strong HQIS Community. Thank you again for your faith and trust. Similarly, as we gather information for reporting, we hope that everyone will promptly respond so that we can proactively manage the current situation as it changes.

We recommend that you conduct regular temperature checks, wash your hands more frequently, and follow increased health and safety standards, including wearing health masks. 

Please stay safe and take care. 


With the clear directive from the authorities to cancel or postpone enrichment activities as well as large scale gatherings till 29 February, please refer to the schedule below for the respective cancellation or postponement for the month of February.

Affected Events in February

Feb 10 – 21

MAP Testing



Feb 17 – 21

Science Week


After School Program

Feb 17-28


Upcoming Events


  • 12 November 2021
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